November 8, 2021

Intouch’s Latest Creative Campaign Focuses on What’s NEXT

“Craft matters, and it is the next frontier in our industry,” says Intouch chief creative officer Susan Perlbachs. “We have a responsibility to elevate our work and to make it un-ignorable, so that vital messages can do their job.” 

Fortunately, craft is something we’re brimming with at Intouch, and our latest campaign — which symbolizes our unique approach to solving client challenges in creative ways others can’t imagine — dials it up to eleven.

“We’re always thinking ahead, for the next thing, and we wanted to really show that,” says Intouch creative director Jimmy Lam, who, together with Intouch copy supervisor Sarah Norden, originated the term NEXTMAKERS.

“Our digital roots, our drive for innovation, our cross-discipline network — all of this contributes to how we approach our work,” says Norden. “We wanted to bring Intouch to life, to showcase our personality in a big way with this new campaign.”

NEXTMAKERS is our whimsical take on what makes Intouch stand out from the competition. Hint: It’s forward-thinking strategy, cutting-edge data, forefront technology, and, of course, our unbridled creativity. But it’s also our passion for learning, our ability to embrace change, to seek the new and different. We know this about ourselves, but we wanted to make sure the world knew this about us, as well.

So, to bring all this home, we enlisted three world-renowned artists to produce distinctively original, animated video treatments for our NEXTMAKERS concept. Each film is unique in style and theme, but the message is the same: at Intouch, we see things differently, and we approach them differently, too.

The Films
Nexus Studios animator, illustrator, and director Laurie Rowan went all in on details for his CGI short, “Space Garden,” obsessing over how each flower and plant might grow — the same way we obsess over every detail in our work for our clients.

Award-winning stop-motion animation director, set designer, and model maker Catherine Prowse got meta, hand-crafting each set piece for her animation, “Cake,” the way we hand-craft solutions for our clients’ challenges.

Award-winning animation director Sophie Koko, channeling Rube Goldberg and Monty Python, created “Magic Machine,” which symbolizes our unique, creative problem-solving approach to every project.

As Intouch SVP/executive director of craft Nicholas Capanear notes, “Standing out from the competition is a challenge. No matter how great our ideas are, no matter how clever our messaging is, no matter how much customer insight we bring to the table, our campaigns live and sometimes die on how effectively they can draw in and inspire their audiences.”

At Intouch, we bring our “what’s next” approach to work every day to ensure our clients’ messages connect with the audiences who need them most. And it’s not just our creative teams … from our accountants to our developers to our internal processes teams and more, this is our mindset. And what’s more, we want this mindset to be contagious; we want our clients to come along for the ride and make what’s NEXT with us.