September 13, 2022

No Laughing Matter: Humor in Pharma Advertising

three people laughing together in front of a tree

We all like to laugh. So why don’t we chuckle – or even smile – more when we see pharma ads? Recently, Michelle Ziekert, SVP, Executive Creative Director, EVERSANA INTOUCH, spoke with Endpoints reporter Beth Snyder Bulik to talk about this contrast.

As Beth notes in her article, while 91% of consumers say they prefer a brand to be funny, 95% of business leaders say they’re afraid of using humor, and that means that only about one-third of all ads today use humor, and only about 20% of healthcare ads.

Michelle talks to Beth about the delicate balance of introducing humor into healthcare, given not only that humor is subjective, but also that brands must show their respect for patients. As an example of the complexity of the situation, she points out the way that patients can – and often do – use humor to talk about their conditions, in ways that wouldn’t be appropriate for someone else.

Learn how to approach humor in pharma advertising with advice from Michelle and several other industry leaders, in the article, “Nothing to laugh about: What happened to humor in pharma advertising?“, which can be read with an Endpoints subscription here.