February 24, 2022

Intouch Innovation Expert Talks QR Codes & Pharma Marketing

Hand holding smart phone showing a QR code

Remember floppy disks? Those hard — and prior to that, soft, hence the descriptor “floppy” — plastic squares we used to store computer information? How about cassette tapes or video tapes? Back in the day, each of these things was a really big deal — content, on demand, contained in something that would fit in a purse or a coat pocket! Now, of course, we don’t even require three-dimensional objects to store information on … we’ve got the cloud, and thanks to the pandemic, the return of the QR code. Just point your phone’s camera at a QR code and any number of things can happen: they can take you to webpages, play videos, contain event materials like agendas and building maps, pay someone, and even store your COVID-19 vaccination record.

Image of QR code
QR Code. Source: Wikipedia

But are QR codes just another flash in the pan? Will they soon go the way of the cassette tape? And what’s any of this got to do with pharma marketing? Intouch’s associate director of innovation, Andrew Grojean, recently spoke with Endpoints News about the potential of these little black-and-white squares and how pharma marketers can make the most of them. You can read that article here.

If you want to learn even more, check out our blog on the topic, The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of QR Codes – Why Pharma Marketers Should Care.

Header image photo credit, Markus Winkler on Unsplash.