July 20, 2017

Questions About .Health Domains? We Have Answers

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What is a top-level domain?

A top-level domain (TLD) is the part of the domain name located to the right of the dot (” . “). The most common TLDs are .com, .net, and .org. Some others are .biz, .info, and .ws.

What is the .health TLD?

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Because it can be challenging to identify credible health information online, .health seeks to provide a recognizable address that makes it easier for users to find reliable, relevant information they need for a healthier life.

.Health domains may open up new opportunities for the healthcare industry to establish domains that can help searchers quickly identify sites that provide healthcare information.

Will the .health TLD add credibility – either real or perceived – to my sites?

.Health domains, like many TLDs (other than .com), are less intuitive for users when typing in a website address and it becomes one more thing they need to remember. With many spammy sites using TLDs like .info, .biz, etc., searchers may associate poor experiences with sites when they see such a TLD. Ultimately, this could lead to users not clicking on a website in search results, and could also lead to a site gaining fewer inbound links.

Will the .health TLD provide any SEO benefit to my sites?

It’s not clear yet whether .health will provide additional SEO benefits to health-related entities.

Should I buy the .health TLD for my current branded site?

Intouch Solutions recommends using .com for branded websites, as the .com TLD is the most credible, memorable and recognizable.

If substantial evidence is presented down the road that .health provides additional value to health-related websites, then it would be worth considering a move to .health for new websites. However, we do recommend that brands register .health branded domains to protect branded real estate.

Should I buy the .health TLD for my current unbranded site?

For existing unbranded websites, Intouch recommends using a case-by-case approach to decide whether to buy a .health domain. Intouch does not recommend switching a current unbranded site over to a .health TLD.

Should I buy the .health TLD for future unbranded sites?
Intouch recommends a situational approach for new unbranded websites, especially if there is a simpler .health domain name available. This could help prevent users from having to remember a long, complicated .com domain.

What do I need to do to secure a .health TLD? Who secures it?

.Health domains can be acquired at https://get.health. Typically, a pharma company’s IT department manages all domains. If you’re not certain this is the case for your company, talk to your Intouch representative.

Upon application and approval in the Industry Access phase, the applicant will receive one token to purchase their domain. In order to register multiple domains, the initial application must be approved before additional domains can be acquired.

When will .health TLDs become available?

.Health domains will be available to qualified health industry brands, organizations and individuals on July 20, 2017, before being made available to the general public on December 5, 2017. According to this launch timeline, qualified health industry brands, organizations and individuals will have access to purchase these domains before they are opened up for general availability.

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What does it cost to register a .health domain?
Registration prices will vary for each domain, depending on who you register with (a.k.a., the registrar), and premium domains such as cancer.health will be more expensive. Intouch is currently working with dotHealth LLC to secure domains and acquire pricing estimates.

Who regulates this stuff anyway?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which helps preserve the operational stability of the Internet, regulates domain names.

What are the other healthcare-related TLDs are available?

Other healthcare-related TLDs available fall in two categories. Those in the first group below can be immediately registered; the second group has restrictions for registering. For example, according to icannwiki, “Registration of a .med domain will require registration on DocCheck’s exisiting .com site, where they have been verifying medical credentials for 10+ years and are consequently experienced in determining and classifying individuals in the medical profession.”

Healthcare TLDs that can be registered at any time:

  • .care
  • .claims
  • .clinic
  • .dental
  • .dentist
  •  .diet
  •  .doctor
  •  .energy
  •  .fit
  •  .fitness
  •  .hiv
  •  .healthcare
  •  .hospital
  •  .insure
  •  .live
  •  .physio
  •  .rehab
  •  .surgery
  •  .vet
  •  .vision

Healthcare TLDs that have registration restrictions:

  • .cancerresearch
  • .med
  • .medical
  • .pharmacy

Still have questions about .health domains? Reach out to your Intouch representative for more information!