April 6, 2020

Intouch + GSK = An Award-Winning Partnership

OvaryAct banner

Team work makes the dream work — that’s what they say, right? But what does it take to make a dream team? Trust, open communication, and the opportunity to fail without fear are just a few of the things that Stefanie Nacar and Kim Middleton cite as key factors contributing to the success of #OvaryAct, an award-winning ovarian cancer awareness campaign.

Stefanie, GSK’s head of U.S. oncology communications, and Kim, senior vice president, client services at Intouch Solutions, recently spoke with PharmaVoice about the secret behind their teams’ ability to work so well together.

“Intouch really understood our connection to the ovarian cancer community,” Stefanie says. “I’ve been in the industry for a long time and I’ve seen people approach agency partnerships very differently. When we had an opportunity to speak to patients or have a patient summit, Kim’s team was always there, just as if they were part of our organization. This gave them opportunities to hear firsthand and really understand it.”

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