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The Mental Health Epidemic of 2021: Cause, Effect, Solution

It's more important than ever that healthcare brands ensure information is factual, comprehensible, and available. Learn how your brand can support patients, caregivers, and HCPs when they need it most.


Why Clubhouse Sucks … But Might Be Exactly What Pharma Needs Right Now

What makes Clubhouse unique (at the moment) is its hyper-focus on audio. In this POV, we discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of this social app, and how pharma can participate in this evolving space.


Creating Authentic Relationships Between Brands and Audiences

We have incredible, emotional, engaging stories to tell, if our industry can only learn to do that with greater sophistication. Intouch group creative director Soyoon Bolton discusses how pharma marketers can get from where we are to where we need to be.


Mental Health – A Central Theme of SXSW 2021

The pandemic has been more widespread and enduring than any disaster in living memory, and it's taking a toll on our psyches. How can healthcare and healthcare brands help?


HCPs Need More From Digital Pharma: Research Shows Dissatisfaction, Offers Insights

When it comes to engaging HCPs online, the old ways aren’t cutting it. How is your brand helping them get the information -- and the experience -- they want, when they want it?


PM360 Names Intouch Field Coaching Report a 2020 Innovative Service

PM360's December innovation issue is out, and Intouch's field coaching analysis report was recognized for helping pharma reps know whether their messaging resonates with healthcare providers -- and how to pivot when it doesn't.


Modern Marketing: A Framework for the Future

The pharmaceutical industry is rapidly evolving, and so are customer expectations. Intouch's recently released whitepaper offers a new vision for modern marketing, a look through new lenses that can bring your organization’s future into focus.


Three New Campaigns Seek to Get Patients Back to the Doctor’s Office

Getting patients in front of HCPs for diagnosis, treatment, and care management continues to be challenging. Here, we look at three campaigns' efforts to help patients understand why, and how, to continue getting the care that they need.


Future State: The New Media Landscape

The media landscape — especially TV — is morphing faster than any other time in history. In this new whitepaper from Intouch, we explore the impact of these trends on pharma marketing, as well as actions that pharma can take to better prepare themselves for this brave new world.


HCP > MD: How Brands Can Help NPs and PAs Improve Healthcare

Brands can help patients and physicians by building and strengthening their relationships with NPs and PAs. Engaging them helps the entire care team perform at a higher level. Learn how here!

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