January 12, 2021

PM360 Names Intouch Field Coaching Report a 2020 Innovative Service

chart on a laptop computer

Industry publication PM360 recently released its annual innovation issue, and Intouch (and our proprietary AI platform, Cognitive Core), was among those recognized for its work in helping pharma reps know whether their messaging is reaching healthcare providers — and whether that messaging resonates.

When COVID-19 began to spread, the doors of physician practices closed to nearly all pharma reps. Although those doors have begun to open again, and vaccines are now being administered, access to healthcare providers (HCPs) is still limited. Along with understanding how messaging impacts HCPs (and their patients), sales leadership needs tools and resources that optimize processes to provide representatives with feedback and coaching while they pivot to meet the ever-changing needs of HCPs​. Intouch’s innovation team developed a solution.

In its introduction to this year’s innovation issue, PM360 described its honorees this way:

“Out of hundreds of submissions, the PM360 staff selected the best and latest innovations and innovators that are changing out industry — including many that are helping patients and physicians deal with COVID-19.”

To learn more about Intouch’s field coaching analysis tool, visit PM360 here.