December 16, 2020

Modern Marketing: A Framework for the Future

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Business isn’t getting any easier. Nowhere is that statement truer than in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, which have experienced tremendous disruption in the past decade.

At the same time that the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly evolving, so are customer expectations. With the rise of widespread broadband adoption, smartphone usage, and social media immersion, customers are beginning to demand more control over their experiences.

Modern customers expect brands to personalize their experience and anticipate their needs.

To meet these needs, organizations must build predictive marketing platforms with access to rich first- and third-party data and know how to mine that data for insights into behavior and barriers. According to McKinsey and Company, pharmaceutical marketers must “establish unmet needs in a disease area, and develop deep customer insight as a basis for a truly differentiated positioning.” Influence used to be measured by reach and frequency of personal promotion; now, impact and value are influenced by customer experiences.

Modern marketing provides a framework that acknowledges the challenges of the industry’s shifting reality and prepares organizations to meet unpredictability with agility. It provides organizations with a grounding for where they are today and a clear path forward for tomorrow. Our recently released whitepaper offers a new vision for modern marketing, a look through new lenses that can bring your organization’s future into focus.

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