December 3, 2020

Are Pharma’s TV Ad Strategies Out of Date?

stack of TV in junkyard

TV viewing habits are changing dramatically, and these trends have only been accelerated by COVID-19 – but Justin Chase, Intouch’s EVP of media and innovation, says that pharma is still operating with a traditional advertising mindset.

Chase recently sat down with PharmaPhorum to talk about how the industry can optimize its TV advertising and move beyond basic delivery metrics toward trackable, quantifiable metrics that demonstrate ROI — far more than linear (a.k.a., traditional) TV was ever able to provide.

“Most pharma brands I talk to believe they still need linear TV to get their message out and hit their goals — but that’s simply not the case anymore,” Chase says. “The reality is that pharma brands are comfortable with linear TV buying —  they know the metrics, they know the KPIs, and we as brand marketers and media people need to help them understand that there are incredibly promising alternatives that can provide the same reach with greater targeting and ultimately better performance.”

To learn more, read the entire interview here.

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