August 16, 2022

Changing Pharma Social Media Ad Rules Discussed in AdWeek by EVERSANA INTOUCH Video Investment Director

Interest-based marketing used to be one way to target Facebook ads – for example, a person’s interest in “World Diabetes Day” – but in an effort to protect Meta users’ privacy, the company has made it no longer possible for advertisers to do this.

However, recent research has demonstrated that alternative approaches are actually more effective – particularly, the use of lookalike audiences.

AdWeek recently covered this news, and quoted Britt Travis, EVERSANA INTOUCH Director, Video Investment, who explained the stringent process of pharma advertising to the publication, saying, “The [targeting] vetting process goes through several rounds of review before getting enacted. That’s just how strict it needs to be. There are so many people involved with the back end.”

Read the AdWeek article in its entirety here!