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Changing Pharma Social Media Ad Rules Discussed in AdWeek by EVERSANA INTOUCH Video Investment Director

AdWeek spoke to Britt Travis, EVERSANA INTOUCH Director, Video Investment, to explain the complex process of pharma advertising.


Facebook’s Limited Data Use Feature: What Pharma Marketers Need to Know

Facebook's new feature for businesses, called Limited Data Use, restricts how it stores and processes data belonging to California residents. Find out what pharma marketers need to know to comply with LDU.


Oculus Connect 6: The Exciting Promise of VR in Healthcare

Facebook’s late-September Oculus Connect 6 event covered a lot of ground on the future of augmented and virtual reality. This recap highlights Oculus’s biggest announcements from the AR and VR event, covers the practical applications for patients, and addresses some of the ramifications for pharma.


Facebook’s Clear History Tool: Should Pharma Marketers Be Concerned?

Facebook will soon roll out a new tool called Clear History that would give users the option to disassociate their online activity from their Facebook profiles, essentially erasing their personal digital footprints. Marketers can’t afford to mute this conversation.


Fake Health News: Is Your Brand Part of the Problem?

Fake news is everywhere — not just in the political realm. Accuracy is more important than ever, particularly with respect to conveying health information. How is your brand handling the challenge?


Cambridge Analytica Scandal: Don’t Blame Facebook. Blame Bad Ethics

This POV breaks down the Cambridge Analytica scandal, clarifies what pertains to pharma marketers, and lays out recommendations in light of the news.


Facebook Ad Policy Updates

Executive SummaryFacebook announced in September that it had discovered more than 3,000 ads, run between 2015 and 2017, that had amplified racial and social divisions. Now, the social giant is delivering those ads to congressional investigators and explaining more about the steps it’s taking to strengthen its ad policies and enforcement. In October, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke about […]


Facebook Ads: Boldly Go Beyond the Static Image

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Social media advertising increases brand visibility, improves brand loyalty and is cost effective when compared with traditional methods of advertising. With Facebook ads for example, there are advanced targeting capabilities that allow marketers to reach 1.79 billion users. There are a variety of Facebook ad types that expand beyond just a static image. […]


Is Your Brand Affected by Facebook Custom Link Changes?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In an effort to combat the misinformation and “fake news” prevalent on Facebook, the platform has updated the way users share links. Brands are now limited in their ability to create custom link previews for their posts and custom share buttons for their websites. Due to the nature of pharma marketing, many brands […]


How Targeted is Facebook Targeting?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY How targeted is Facebook targeting, especially in comparison with other forms of advertising? On Facebook, filters allow you to target by interests, demographics and geography, which helps you reach the right audience. Google AdWords, on the other hand, may trigger ads based on user preferences, but Google doesn’t “know” people in the same […]

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