January 19, 2024

We All Have Data. Now What?: Finding Your Edge in the Algorithmic Age


Now, more than ever, inspiration is at a premium.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications have high storage capacity demands that can easily start in the terabyte (a unit of information equal to one million million) range and scale into hundreds of petabytes (1024 terabytes). Where, once, we were limited by our data, in an age of AI, where we have more data than we know what to do with, we are only limited by our imaginations. 

As Mike Bechtel and Bill Briggs of Deloitte Consultants assert, it’s not so much about what information my organization has, it’s “what do you want to know?”

Today, crucial skills for pharma marketers are knowing what to ask (and its contemporary corollary, prompt engineering), disruptive ideas, and an eye for a future that doesn’t yet exist.

Regarding prompts, what you give AI is what you get. Give a Gen AI tool a boring prompt and it will give a boring answer:

Boring AI Prompt: Summarize the key features of a banana.

Boring AI Answer: Bananas are a yellow fruit with a soft texture and sweet taste. They are rich in potassium and are a popular snack.

Give it a more interesting prompt, and watch what happens:

Interesting AI Prompt: In a world where bananas have become primary currency, describe a trip to the bank.

Interesting AI Answer: At the banana bank, I handed the teller a ripe bunch. The receipt smelled like a tropical paradise, and my account balance was displayed in banana emojis. Walking out, I couldn’t help but slip on the banana peel-covered floor.

Same with choosing use cases for AI. Choose unimaginative uses for AI and you’ll get mediocre results. 

People who think outside the box and find fresh uses for AI will be in highest demand. The true leaders won’t be the number crunchers or the data chasers; they’ll be the idea dreamer-uppers — visionaries who dare to imagine uses of technology that leave others saying, “Wait, what?”

EVERSANA INTOUCH has been breaking ground in AI innovation for years. We’ve been recognized for developing multiple top innovations for 2023 by PM360. In 2023, we introduced our new proprietary electronic benefits verification (eBV) and electronic prior authorization (ePA) platform, along with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Interactive Assistant, to show how AI can transform patient engagement.

We’ve employed predictive analytics and machine learning to enhance personalized healthcare interactions across a wide range of channels. With a database of 80+ million de-identified patient records, we track a patient’s treatment path, predict nonadherence, provide impactful touchpoints and leverage AI and machine learning to uncover new insights, leading to substantial improvements in patient outcomes. Just this past November, we adopted Adobe generative AI capabilities to propel tailored content to patients, providers and payers across the brand life cycle.

And we don’t stop there. EVERSANA INTOUCH stands on its commitment to regularly sponsor agencywide AI innovation challenges. On top of that, we continue to implement challenge-winning ideas in an effort to “pharmatize” AI. One latest implementation includes a partnership with Amazon Web services to build a medical/regulatory/legal review accelerator.  

What can you do to help your business outpace the competition in this data-rich age? Recognize inspiration as a core competency, stay committed to AI innovation, and fearlessly and continuously carry out your organization’s freshest, boldest, most “Wait, what?” AI use cases.

Contact us to speak with our innovation experts and explore the possibilities of your next AI use cases.