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Observations & Industry Predictions from Adobe Summit

There are no shortage of detailed recaps coming out of the 2024 Adobe Summit – so rather than a play-by-play, here are some observations from the floor and a synthesis of what all that was abuzz at Adobe Summit may indicate for the work we all do. Read the POV to learn more.


Navigating the Trust Crisis

By embracing cause marketing and empathy-driven advertising, companies can differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace while fostering genuine connections with patients and healthcare providers. Learn more in our recent blog.


Adobe Summit 2024 and the Realities of AI

Adobe Summit is the tech behemoth’s annual conference, where it not only showcases its capabilities and innovations, but hosts discussions of how digital marketing is changing in the face of technological and societal evolution. The EVERSANA INTOUCH team who attended provides their insight as to what it means for our work, now and in the months to come.


We All Have Data. Now What?: Finding Your Edge in the Algorithmic Age

Now, more than ever, inspiration is at a premium. In this blog, learn what you can do to help your business outpace the competition in this data-rich age.


AI IN LIFE SCIENCES MARKETING: Execs Dish on the Potential Benefits and Perceived Barriers

At EVERSANA INTOUCH, we’re pharmatizing AI – and to do that optimally, we needed to know exactly what the biggest desires and barriers are. Download the POV to learn what 30 life-sciences marketers said their priorities were and what difficulties they were facing in putting these new solutions to work.


“In AI We Trust”: What Dreamforce 2023 Offered Life Sciences Marketers

This year’s Dreamforce conference – the annual gathering for Salesforce, one of the main providers in commercial marketing and sales technology for the Health & Life Science (HLS) industry – was bigger and more innovative than ever. But what news will matter most for health & life sciences companies? Read the POV.