August 19, 2021

Want Great Craft? Get Audacious

Photo showing a sparkler firework

For the past year and a half, we’ve been talking a lot about seriously serious issues … the ongoing pandemic, inclusive marketing, the importance of creating accessible digital content, data privacy, and more. While all of these things continue to be critical, top-of-mind concerns, we wanted to switch gears for a moment and think about the creative side of our work. Earlier this year, Nicholas Capanear, Intouch Group’s senior vice president/executive director of craft, noted that craft probably matters more in healthcare advertising than in any other industry. In a new essay for Med Ad News, Capanear is back to remind us that, “No matter how great our ideas are, no matter how clever our messaging is, no matter how much customer insight we bring to the table, our campaigns live and sometimes die on how effectively they can draw in and inspire their audiences. And doing that takes craft.”

To learn more about what craft is, what goes into it, why brands can’t afford to do without it, and how Titanic, James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster film, is related to all these things, read Nick’s complete piece, here.