December 10, 2021

Angela Ornce, Intouch Boomerang

My Second First Day

The Great Resignation — have you heard that term yet? The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this week that 4.2 million people had quit their jobs in October. Most of 2021 has been like this — lots and lots of people leaving their jobs. Some of this is related to pandemic fears, but that’s not the only thing driving “the big quit,” and employers across sectors are scrambling to figure out what’s missing and to keep their employees. Thankfully, Intouch isn’t facing this problem, and even when an employee does choose to leave, there’s a good chance they’ll come back. Those are the folks we call Boomerangs, and today, we’re featuring a short Q&A with Angela Ornce, a senior director of media operations at Intouch; Angela left and then returned just as the pandemic was gripping the world. Read on to find out what brought her back!

What influenced you to leave?
I had a personal life change that required me to step away and focus at home.

Did you continue to work in this industry or try something entirely new?
I did not at the beginning but then began to do some freelance/contract work. Intouch become my biggest client for that.

How long were you away?
Just about 2 years (Jan 2018-April 2020).

You are not a plug-and-play person at Intouch.

If you were away for a while, how many positions did you have before you boomeranged?
I did freelance work only.

What are two or three things that drew you back?
The opportunities available, plus support and working with a team I had a great experience with. The people and the support has been a huge differentiator for me in regards to Intouch compared to other agencies I have worked at.

In your opinion, what differentiates Intouch?
The opportunity to make change. Intouch values its experts and continues to want to evolve. You are not a plug-and-play person at Intouch – things are always changing. I really enjoy being a small piece of that evolution and feeling supported in how I contribute to that.

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