December 21, 2022

Congratulations to our Heart of EVERSANA INTOUCH Winners!

At our recent end-of-year town hall meeting, 10 EVERSANA INTOUCHers were recognized for living out our cultural beliefs. A Heart of EVERSANA INTOUCH recipient is someone who puts their heart into living EVERSANA’s cultural beliefs–Patient Minded, Client Delight, Take Action, Grow Talent, Win Together, Communication Matters, Embrace Diversity, and Always Innovate – every day. Congratulations to each of the winners below!

Communication Matters

  • Laura Jimenez, Editorial Supervisor
    • “Laura is extraordinary at explaining exactly how and why things matter. She has a great deal of institutional knowledge and is glad to share in order to help those of us who are newer to understand why things are done the way they are — and she is always open to new ideas that might help to make those processes better. She is never too busy to answer a question, and her answers are always kind, thoughtful, and exactly what you needed to know!”
  • Mackenzie Fiorini, Sr. Project Manager
    • “Mackenzie is always on top of her game, from navigating complicated timelines, helping with tough discussions with the client, to just sitting down and hashing out what the next steps are. Mackenzie exudes Communication Matters as she can pull the team together if she hears confusion or feels like team members need more guidance to complete their task.”

Client Delight

  • Sarah Burns, Account Supervisor
    • “Sarah is the ultimate team player. She is a driving force of success across any brand that she touches. She brings out the best in people, forms strong bonds, and makes work fun. She is constantly going above and beyond in all that she does.”
  • Evan Berndt, Sr. Analyst
    • “Evan is hyper-focused on always delivering an insightful report to our brand teams. He is always prepared and always goes above and beyond.”

 Wins Together

  • Stephanie Butler, Team Lead, Dev Services
    • “Stephanie has been integral in multiple indication launches in 2022. Whenever an issue comes up, she is prepared and solution-oriented and maintains a positive attitude.”
  • Joanne Casey, Associate Director, Creative
    • “Joanne is the ultimate team player. When it comes to helping others on different brands or digging into solutions for the brands she is dedicated to, Joanne will always say ‘I’m happy to help.’ I’ve seen her willingly take on large amounts of work and help run new brands from a Creative perspective and further unify the copy across writers. She goes beyond ensuring her boxes are checked in her own work and strives to elevate copy across the team.”
  • Tanner Holford, Associate Creative Director
    • “As the ultimate team player and leader in his department, Tanner truly cares. He cares about his team, he cares about his department, he cares about the clients, and more than anything he cares how the work is being executed and the quality being delivered.”

Takes Action

  • Kate Twiggs, Associate Director, PMO
    • “Kate has been a champion for bringing our team and clients together, keeping us organized and accountable in working towards our crazy launch timelines.”
  • Drew Martens, Associate Director, Social Media
    • “Drew has been an incredible partner on our team. His collaboration and partnership to get to client solutions is unmatched. He takes great pride in growing his team and ensuring they have opportunities to shine while helping them grow through guidance. He’s an integral part of the team and a true proponent of our team culture.”

Patient Minded

  • Bethany Wippermann, Associate Director, Medical
    • “Bethany is SUCH a team player and is constantly increasing the value of our work. I know I can rely on Bethany for anything and she jumps in to help in the blink of an eye. Bethany has such a positive attitude and no doubt in my mind deserves this award.”

A special thank you to each of these individuals for living our cultural beliefs and setting a great example for all of us!