January 15, 2018

The Health and Tech Trends That Will Shape Pharma Marketing in 2018

Image of Laptop with coffee mug

As we head into 2018, marketers are faced with a public that’s more empowered and educated than ever before. They expect rapid, personalized service from brands, and this expectation is pervasive, from healthcare professionals, to patients and caregivers.

So, what is it that our audiences care most about in 2018? And how do we expect these concerns to affect our work, the brands we support and the industry overall? We asked our in-house experts to weigh in and pulled together the trends worth watching for:

  1. The Amazon-ification of health is here.
  2. Trust and transparency are the new currency.
  3. Technology is replacing much of pharma marketing — except empathy.
  4. The trend of “Big Data” dissolves as we settle into a world of data ubiquity.
  5. Pricing, politics and value-based care hold center stage.
  6. Non-pharma players are coming to the pharma party … largely as uninvited guests.
  7. The very idea of “healthcare” shifts from illness to wellness.
  8. Edge computing causes a behind-the-scenes sea change.

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