November 3, 2020

Intouch EVP to Speak at Re:Imagine Pharma Marketing Conference

Re: Imagine Pharma Marketing Roadmap for Embedding Long Term Commercial Evolution in Marketing

To say the past eight months have been challenging, is, of course, an understatement. Businesses of all types and sizes have faced unprecedented obstacles; many have had to embrace rapid change to survive. Despite a tendency to approach change slowly and cautiously, pharma brands (with the help of their agencies) have met the monster head-on, finding ways to engage with patients and healthcare providers, even when people were hunkered down in their homes.

Although the future remains murky, there’s good news: We know a lot more than we did when all this started. To help shed light on what’s to come and how pharma brands and marketers can continue to connect with their audiences, Intouch EVP Wendy Blackburn and Mark Bard, co-founder and managing partner of the Digital Health Coalition, will present a sneak peek of our soon-to-be-released whitepaper, “The Now and the Next in Pharma Marketing: Research and Insights to Innovate in a New Normal.”

In their session, Blackburn and Bard will share takeaways from proprietary surveys of HCPs and pharma marketers, and discuss what HCPs and patients need today, the ways pharma is meeting those needs, and opportunities for marketers to rethink their approach to stay ahead of the curve. They’ll also discuss  the impact of COVID-19 on brands, how to best support patients and HCPs in the coming year, and provide examples of how some brands are successfully adapting in an uncertain marketplace.

The Re:Imagine Pharma Marketing conference runs November 9-11, and Blackburn and Bard’s session will take place on November 10 at 1:10 pm EST.

Session attendees will have the opportunity to pre-register to receive a copy of the whitepaper. You can register for the conference here, and if you’re employed by a pharmaceutical, biotech, or medical device company, you can apply for a complimentary, all-access pass to the event.