April 18, 2019

Intouch Innovation Challenge Results in AI-Powered Moral Support App

Image of Phone That SHows Intouch "With" Feature

Last fall, we previewed our internal innovation platform, DIY (Driving Innovation Yourself).  The goal of DIY is to harness brainpower from across Intouch to address unmet needs in the healthcare space.

As innovation manager Andrew Grojean said at the time, “Our first challenge, Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, was designed to help Intouch’s proprietary AI platform, Cognitive CoreTM, solve problems for patients, caregivers and HCPs.”

Forty teams submitted ideas, and the finalists presented to a Shark Tank-style panel that included Intouch CEO Faruk Capan, several executives, and our in-house AI experts. Submissions ranged from using Cognitive Core to simplify the employee onboarding process to an app that provides patients a judgment-free space to vent about their frustrations to a virtual nurse that can answer questions about minor health concerns after clinic hours, and more.

You’re Never Alone With With
Marty Canniff, SVP and executive creative director, and Irene Westcott, creative director – both in the Chicago office — came up with the winning idea: an app they call With.

“Speaking to both customers and end-users, the name promises to enhance –– not replace –– what they’re already doing,” Canniff said. “For pharma companies, With positions our offering as the perfect addition to their current adherence or support program. For patients and caregivers, With conveys a sense of companionship, dependability and understanding.”

With uses Cognitive Core to collect and interpret patients’ personal data (via wearables, social media posts, calendars and more) to understand their unique stressors and alert them when stress may be building. With also features a chatbot that guides them through mindfulness-based stress-reduction techniques and gives patients a safe, nonjudgmental outlet to talk about their feelings.

“DIY is one way our teams are tapping into the thought leaders at Intouch to solve real business and healthcare challenges,” says Grojean. “Our platform allows associates from around the world to collaborate and build transformational ideas. The program has been a success so far, helping to grow the innovative culture at Intouch and implement solutions that benefit both clients and patients.”

Check out this video that shows how With works. And stay tuned for upcoming DIY challenges and future winning ideas!