July 22, 2022

Staying Ahead of the Game in Web3: Our Latest Hackathon Win!  

Glasses by Screens

What does a EVERSANA INTOUCH Web3 hackathon win mean for the future of healthcare? It’s a grand question… but let’s explain and see if you agree with us that it’s a very big deal indeed.  

The Hedera22 global hackathon, which hosted over 2500 participants across 95 different countries, is sponsored by Hedera Hashgraph, one of the leading platforms in the evolving Web3 distributed ledger landscape.  

In 2020, the team won two challenges in the Hedera20 hackathon by creating HumanKind, a decentralized marketplace that aggregates, sponsors, and rewards altruistic behavior and random acts of kindness, giving back to communities, businesses, and charities that users care about. As they put it: “It’s like Facebook Marketplace meets Groupon, but every aspect has a charitable component. Simply put: it pays to do good things.”  

And this year, they took home the overall grand prize – $150,000 USD of HBAR cryptocurrency – with Deal Designer, which builds on their previous work with HumanKind. Deal Designer is a platform for creating highly customizable product offers: coupons that incentivize sharing with increasing rewards and donations, all made possible with HumanKind’s transparent, decentralized technology. To learn more, check out their Deal Designer pitch video!  

Every aspect of what the team has created has been for the purpose of giving back, in keeping with the project mission: “HumanKind. Be Both.” 

Web3 and the metaverse are changing life and work – and healthcare – just as social media did, and just as the World Wide Web did before that. How treatments are researched and tested; how they’re prescribed and delivered; how they’re measured and improved; how patients and healthcare professionals and healthcare brands interact: all of this will be affected. By creating their own decentralized identities, individuals will be able to transparently control how they opt in and when they share information, leveraging their aggregated personal electronic health records to help with clinical trials and break down traditional barriers in pushing the boundaries involved in the next evolution of care. 

Smart brands and people are already talking a lot about this. A few are already beginning to build on and in these new platforms. But at EVERSANA INTOUCH, we’re not only doing both; we’re already getting recognition for what we’re achieving. And we have been for years.  

And the team’s Hedera22 win is the latest triumph in a string of successes. In 2019, an EVERSANA INTOUCH team won an MIT hackathon by developing a metaverse tool, Ideate AR, which made it possible for users to collaborate using a shared holographic workspace. And, back in 2018, our mixed-reality Holopresence teleportation prototype was featured in a PM360 article on Digital Dream Projects, in which we talked about a “mixed reality pharma rep.” 

Congratulations to the Hedera22 winning team – Director of Disruptive Strategy, Jacob Shepherd; Vice President, Innovation, Jeff MacFarland; and Director, Creative Technology, Craig Johnston – for this great achievement!  

What’s next in digital marketing? You should know by now: you just need to keep watching this team.