August 24, 2021

Staying Relevant: Creating Personalized Messaging for Pharma Customers

Image of light blue Lego pieces

Because it can take an average of three or more weeks to produce and approve content for use, pharma marketers need a more efficient content-creation and approval system than what we’ve relied on in the past. By providing relevant, valuable information when and where their audiences need it, brands can remain top of mind with healthcare providers and patients. While this may sound unachievable, or something to put off for later, it isn’t.

In a recent PharmaLive article, The Race for Relevance: Why Personalized Content Is a Must in the Digital Era, David Windhausen — Intouch’s EVP of technology services and president of Intouch B2D — and others weigh in on why personalized content is a must in the digital era. Modular content, says Windhausen, is key.

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