December 2, 2021

Pharma Marketing: Why There’s So Much of It and Why It Needs to Change

Close-up photo of dartboard with dart in bullseye

It’s fair to say that John Kenny has a thing for strategy. And as SVP, managing director, head of strategic planning for Intouch Group … obviously, this is as it should be. Kenny is known for countless innovations in strategic planning, including the use of behavioral economics in brand building, the application of non-traditional data in insight development, and an approach to creative testing that leverages real consumer insights in real time. He recently sat down with Fergus O’Carroll, founder and host of the podcast On Strategy Showcase to discuss a number of subjects relevant to marketers in general, and pharma marketers in particular, including (but not limited to):

  • The current (and future) opportunities for strategists in the pharma space
  • Why pharma needs to treat patients like Nike treats athletes
  • Where and why pharma fits in the health and wellness arena of today
  • Why pharma marketing is now more targeted to consumers than ever before
  • Where payers fit into this mix
  • Overcoming the black mark of the opioid crisis
  • Metrics the pharma industry will increasingly be compensated on
  • Why working with PhDs and physicians takes the conversation about advertising to a whole new level
  • Why the healthcare space draws in and keeps a hold on marketers

Check out the complete podcast – it’s about 4 minutes shy of an hour, but it’s worth it – for even more industry insights from two passionate experts.