June 20, 2023

Extraordin*AI*ry Times: How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping Pharma Marketing

Artificial intelligence is reinventing the digital world – we’re moving from searching to doing, from content curation to creation, from linear to predictive experiences. And AI is changing the world of pharma digital – media, content strategy, social media, strategy and planning, SEO, pharmacovigilance, patient support, operations, finance, HR, etc. And none of this is futuristic – it’s happening now.

What is going on, and what do pharma marketers, in particular, need to know and do?

In the latest POV from EVERSANA INTOUCH, we distill how AI is being used, provide examples of AI in action, and summarize how AI is reshaping pharma marketing. Click below to directly download the POV in full.

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