August 25, 2023

What the Success of “Barbie” Means for Women’s Health

photo of blonde Barbie

“Aside from the smashing success of ‘Barbie’ setting box office records, topping more than [$1 billion] and counting, the movie is also doing something much more important than sales – shining a spotlight on women’s health. In a time where there seems to be a war waged on women’s reproductive health and autonomy, Barbie (of all symbols!) has come along to shine an empowering spotlight on women’s self-care, self-worth, identity, and of course, their health.”

In a recent article for and Med Ad News, Elizabeth Rooney, Managing Director, Executive Creative Director, EVERSANA INTOUCH urges all healthcare marketers to make the most of this moment in the cultural zeitgeist to make a difference for women’s health.

“Let’s think of this Barbie phenomenon as a catalyst to put women’s health and well-being at the forefront. How can we, as pharma marketers, keep the momentum going?” she says.

You can read Elizabeth’s whole article for / Med Ad News here.