June 10, 2019

Voice, the Next Generation

Image of amazon echo dot

Earlier this year, we pondered whether voice search is simply a fad or whether it’s a trend we can’t go backward from, particularly as more and more people rely on their smart phones and speakers for answers to pressing questions. Our conclusion?

“From basic accessibility to on-demand disease education and management, voice and voice- enabled technologies are changing healthcare and have the potential to truly improve quality of life,” wrote Intouch associate director of SEO David Cook.

Fast-forward a few months, and we’re still thinking about where voice fits, but this time with an eye on content development and user experience. In an article written for Pharma Live, Intouch executive vice president David Windhausen lays out his thoughts on what needs to be done to succeed in this medium and the questions pharma marketers should be asking themselves to get there.

Read the entire piece here.