Climate Action

glaciers melting

Climate change is one of the most challenging issues facing our world today. Reducing our contribution to this crisis is a high priority for our company. As part of our commitment, we are developing a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions management program to better understand our carbon footprint, assess potential goals, and develop reduction and mitigation strategies.

We are working with a sustainability consulting firm to help calculate our carbon footprint. Using 2021 as our baseline, we conducted an initial analysis covering GHG emissions generated from our direct operations (scopes 1 and 2), as well as our business travel (scope 3). We will continue to evaluate our value chain (scope 3) emissions to better understand the full scope of our upstream and downstream activities.

In 2021, we committed to setting a science-based target aligned with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) criteria. By joining the growing group of companies that are setting emissions reduction targets in line with what climate science says is necessary, we recognize the crucial role the business community can play in minimizing the risk climate change poses to the future of our planet. We will submit our target for validation through SBTi and publish our approved targets within the next two years.

By playing an active role in the collective fight against climate change, we can help address the environmental, social and economic impacts of a warming planet.

We are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to supporting efforts that limit global temperature rise below 1.5˚ C, aligning with the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and climate science.

About our Environmental Commitment
We operate in a responsible and efficient manner to minimize adverse impacts to the environment. Our employees and suppliers are encouraged to conserve natural resources, reduce harmful emissions, and engage in activities that reuse and recycle. By integrating sound environmental management practices into our business, we can provide innovative services while protecting and enhancing resources for future generations.