March 6, 2018

Compliant Chatbots on Social: Best Practices for Pharma

Image of robot hand operating laptop

The potential for artificial intelligence (AI) in social media and healthcare is incredible, and AI can no longer be relegated to innovation groups. Pharma companies can leverage AI to impact many aspects of the industry, from helping users find and talk to doctors, using AI to predict heart attack risk with greater accuracy than cardiologists, and providing real-time customer support.

While AI is clearly not limited to chat interfaces known as “chatbots,” these tools are one of the easiest ways for brands to start implementing AI in their connected marketing ecosystems. As platforms like Facebook and Amazon add to their AI teams and toolsets, it’s important for pharma marketers in the social space to revisit how AI can play a role in their marketing efforts.

This POV addresses what AI is, how it integrates with social media, and best practices for marketers using AI to build compliant and effective chat interfaces for consumers.