June 2, 2020

The Pharma Marketer’s Roadmap: COVID-19 Insights & Recommendations

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As the United States approaches nearly two million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and more than 105,000 deaths, communities are beginning to re-open, and people are starting to return to a somewhat normal life. Yet the healthcare industry is still coping with the changes the pandemic has forced — and many of these changes likely won’t be reversed. Where does pharma fit, and how can pharma marketers help healthcare providers (HCPs) and their patients get the information and the treatment options they need during a time of reduced access?

To better understand where HCPs, patients and pharma marketers are now — and what we need to do to move forward successfully in this new environment — Intouch Group and the DHC Group worked together this past spring to explore how the COVID-19 pandemic will change pharmaceutical sales and marketing in the not-so-distant future of Q1 2021. We conducted interviews with 30 senior-level stakeholders; fielded surveys to 50+ pharma executives, 112 generalist and specialist physicians, and 157 patient influencers; and asked industry thought leaders to provide expert input to produce The Aftermath: COVID-19 Insights & Recommendations — the most comprehensive, forward-looking whitepaper on the topic to date. At a whopping 71 pages, it’s packed with statistics, insights and a pharma marketer’s roadmap for the future, including:

  • How pharma can help professionals and patients embrace telemedicine
  • How sales reps can maintain personal relationships and continue to bring value to HCPs
  • COVID-19’s adverse impact on patients and how to help
  • Clinical trials and the post-COVID-19 launch
  • Managing change and avoiding analysis paralysis
  • Creating more individualized customer experiences with the help of technology and data-driven insights

Things will be very unstable for the next year. It will NOT be business as usual for the next 12 to 18 months. — Dan Seewald, founder and CEO, Deliberate Innovation

How different will our worlds look six, 12 or 24 months from now? What changes to healthcare will affect our industry? How drastically will the point-of-care experience shift? How will consumer behavior evolve? What will the pharma brand launch of the future look like? What permanent shifts will we see in sales-rep access?

Learn the answers to these questions and more by registering to download The Aftermath: COVID-19 Insights & Recommendations.

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