November 11, 2021

Meet Intouch MedComm – Our Digitally Savvy Science Experts

Photo showing Intouch MedComm logo

It’s not news to say that the pandemic has dramatically limited face-to-face interactions between pharma and HCPs, which, we know, were already declining before COVID-19 derailed business — and life — as usual. What’s worse, it turns out HCPs aren’t always interested in what we have to say when we reach out “distantly”: A 2021 study from analytics firm Clarivate of 1,936 U.S. physicians found that 49% of HCPs say remote engagements with pharma lack personalization, and only 25% say pharma provides emails that are personalized to their needs. Obviously, this is not ideal, because HCPs must have the most concise, clear, and up-to-date information in order to ensure patients receive the treatment they need. Good news, though – Intouch Group has the solution for brands struggling to connect: Intouch MedComm. 

Why Intouch MedComm?
Innovation has been part of Intouch since day one, and over the years, we’ve been applying that innovative mindset across the commercial lifecycle, employing our medical communications services to transform dozens of products. Now, we’re making it official by launching Intouch MedComm as our tenth affiliate.

From KOL engagement and development to congress activities to medical affairs portals and platforms — and more — Intouch MedComm’s team of science-savvy MDs, PhDs, and PharmDs boasts more than 10 years of global medical affairs and industry-leading omnichannel expertise in delivering strategic solutions across more than 32 categories and indications.

10+ years of global medical affairs omnichannel expertise in more than 32 categories and indications.

What’s more, they’ve created hundreds of target product profiles (TPPs) and scientific narratives; identified, recruited, and engaged more than 50,000 HCPs; written 5,000+ medical pages and 1,000+ promotional claims; imagined more than 2,500 medical visualizations; developed 500+ digital IMA/IVAs for medical science liaisons and reps; and created over 1,100 congress experiences.

Graphic showing Intouch MedComm experience

Without those one-to-one communication opportunities pharma used to have, there’s a need for the broader marketing strategy to engage in more science-focused communications with HCPs. To learn more about Intouch MedComm and why it’s uniquely suited to take on the modern challenges of medical communications, read our press release, and of course, visit the Intouch MedComm website for case studies, leadership profiles, and more.