What Matters Most: The Trends That Will Shape Pharma Marketing in 2023

In our eighth annual trends forecast, dozens of experts from EVERSANA and EVERSANA INTOUCH explain the five issues pharma marketers will need to address in 2023.

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Delivering the Sales Interaction of the Future

Chris Weber, SVP, Strategic Development, explains the three keys to successfully integrating personal and non-personal promotion.


Google Goes AI: Details on the Search Generative Experience

Google's Magi, or Search Generative Experience, is bringing ChatGPT-like generative AI answers to search results. SEO VP Tylor Hermanson highlights what we need to know now for healthcare search.


Paid Search + AI: What’s Changing?

AI technologies like ChatGPT and Bard are disrupting the paid search field, and Keith Spisak, Group Media Director, Paid Search, explains what's happening and what to expect.


Five Key Ingredients to a Successful Market Access Strategy

Market access strategy and execution are critical to a drug's success or failure. Here are five key ingredients to ensure a successful market access strategy.


Getting Headlines to Erase Inequality

Awareness of the multi-award-winning Erase the Line campaign is spreading with news coverage of the campaign.


Three Reasons Oncology Marketers Need a Tumor Journey, Not Just a Patient Journey

Marketers traditionally use a patient journey, but for the complex field of oncology, a "tumor journey" approach may make more sense. Find out what that is and how it helps oncology marketers engage with all of their important stakeholders.


Build or Buy? Increasing — Or Outsourcing — Your Marketing Capabilities

When does it make sense to build your own team internally, and when does it make sense to outsource certain capabilities to partners? In the latest POV from EVERSANA INTOUCH, the pros and cons of each approach -- and when to do each -- are broken down and considered.


Connecting With Your Audience in the Era of Multimodal Search

Search engine optimization is ever-evolving, and today, we're in the era of multimodal search. Mitch Hankins explains what that means, and the five things that life-science marketers need to do to keep their content findable in this new paradigm.


Oncology is Increasingly Competitive – Here’s How to Stand Out

In the fast-changing therapeutic landscape of oncology, there are three things smart marketers do to successfully communicate their value.


The Medical Metaverse Digest: Metaverse + AI = Perfect Together

Are you hearing that AI is the future, and the metaverse is “over”? So are we, but here’s the thing: the former can be true without the latter being true too. Let's get into it.

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