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Start With Easy: Unlocking Opportunity With Behavior Design

Devon Cross, Matthew Griffith, and Jay Paramsothy explain how our Behavior Design workshops use the principles of behavioral economics to drive behavior change toward brand goals.


“Erase the Line” Campaign Chosen for Prestigious D&AD Future Impact Short List 

The Chrysalis Initiative “Erase the Line” campaign has been honored by its inclusion on the D&AD Future Impact Short List, which gives the program and organization opportunities as well as recognition.


Performance Visualization Simplified

Data is the key to fine-tuning your messaging and measuring performance, but let’s face it – it’s not always easy to wade through or understand. No problem, say the experts at Intouch Analytics. InvisionNow does the hard part for you!


Intouch Innovation Expert Says It’s Not Too Early to Plan for the Metaverse

What will the metaverse look like and who will use it? And should pharma marketers even care about the coming hybrid environment? Andrew Grojean recently shared his thoughts with Endpoints. Learn more!


How Pharma Can Play With the 1 Billion Users of TikTok

TikTok is currently the number one social app in the world, but how can pharma marketers make a mark and connect with patients on this platform? Find out from two Intouch experts.


6 Digital Health Takeaways From CES 2022 That Will Change Healthcare as We Know It

Digital health investments skyrocketed in 2021, increasing 79% from 2020. From big tech to mental health at home, find out where pharma fits, from Intouch’s innovation experts.


TikTok: The Next Leader in Behavioral Health?

TikTok’s unique combination of memes, entertainment, education, and an algorithm that doesn’t favor full-time content creators is the ideal foundation for pharma to build on. Find out more!


A SpaceX Philosophy to Launching in Pharma

What’s rocket science got to do with cost-effective pharma product launches? The experts at EVERSANA have the answers. Read on and then get the complete white paper, which features 10 real-world examples of how NOT to launch.


The 5 Top Tech Trends at CES 2022

This year’s in-person show returned to Las Vegas and featured hundreds of products ranging from shiny new objects and practical devices to pie-in-the sky tech. Get the scoop from Intouch’s innovation team!


2022 Pharma Marketing Trend to Watch: Digital Medicine

Wearable technologies aren’t new, but we’re seeing, and expecting, increased pharma partnership with them. Learn more about how pharma can help patients stay connected for the best care, from the experts at Intouch.

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