February 25, 2022

Looking for a Summer Internship? You’d Better Act Fast

woman on couch with laptop

Internships are an ideal way to get real work experience and figure out if you’re a good fit for a particular industry, but how do you score one when much of the professional world is still working remotely? Who’s going to trust an untested employee to work unsupervised on their couch or at their dining room table? Intouch will. We’ve been doing it for the past two years, and we’ve learned that it’s not only possible, but that our interns do exceptionally well, even without ever setting foot in our offices.   

So, what does a virtual internship entail? Everything an in-person one would: real projects for real clients; intern-led pro bono projects; and of course, full-time work for actual dollars – not just a notch in your belt to point to.  

Another piece of good news? Many – more than half! — of our interns go on to become full-time Intouchers.

I’ve found my passion for pharma marketing here. At the end of the day, this internship gave me the foundations to pursue my career in pharma further. – Melisa Capan, former account services Intern/current account services manager

Intouch’s internship program has just 24 positions this year, including spots in account services, content strategy, copywriting, project management, social media, and more. The fully virtual 2022 program will run from June 6 to August 12.

Last August, CNBC published a piece titled “The pandemic made internships hypercompetitive” … this may be even more true today than six months ago: Intouch’s internship positions have been live for only two weeks, and we’ve already received more than 500 applications! What does this mean for you? Do.Not.Wait. Seriously.

Visit our internships page today to learn more about the program and what each role looks like!