Behavioral Economics Blogs


Start With Easy: Unlocking Opportunity With Behavior Design

Devon Cross, Matthew Griffith, and Jay Paramsothy explain how our Behavior Design workshops use the principles of behavioral economics to drive behavior change toward brand goals.


New Questions: Lifesaving Medical Advances Open the Door for New Comorbidities

As patients’ lives stretch for decades longer, a host of new considerations appear. What are your patients worried about for this new year… and for their years and decades ahead? Read on to learn about what questions to ask and how to help patients live better longer.


4 More Ways Behavior on Social Media is Changing in 2019

As we said in part one of this focus on succeeding in social, it's critical that you understand your audience and their behavior on social media to reach them at the right time in the right context. In part two, we look at the role of storytelling, managing privacy concerns, staying relevant, and making your message resonate in the face of competition. Read on!