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4 State Data Privacy Laws Pharma Marketers Need to Know About

Experts agree -- there will be more data privacy laws governing how businesses use the personal consumer data they collect. Find out what pharma marketers need to know about the four privacy laws in play so far.


iOS 15 Update: Mail Privacy Protection

How will pharma marketers continue to deliver ethical, quality email experiences and personalization when Apple's update hits? Read our POV to find out.


What’s Happening With Google Ad Changes?

Google recently held its first Marketing Livestream in two years, showcasing the latest features for Google Ads. Here’s what pharma marketers need to know, including an update from Google just announced today.


Predicting the Future of Data Privacy Regulation

Get our summary of a discussion between the Coalition for Healthcare Communication and Alison Pepper, EVP of Government Relations at the 4A's, about the current data-privacy landscape.


A Cookieless Future: Why All the Fuss Around Cookies?

For years, third-party tracking cookies were the backbone of the internet. Now, marketers must develop strategies to address targeting and measurement in a world without them. Read on to get creative solutions that keep messaging personalized in a cookieless world.


Facebook’s Limited Data Use Feature: What Pharma Marketers Need to Know

Facebook's new feature for businesses, called Limited Data Use, restricts how it stores and processes data belonging to California residents. Find out what pharma marketers need to know to comply with LDU.


Industry Group Will Create New Standards to Protect Ad Practices and Consumers

As the demand for more privacy protections continues, the ad industry moves to create new standards that protect digital advertising practices, including targeting and messaging, while also maintaining consumer privacy.


CHC to Host 5th Annual Healthcare Policy Conference

The Coalition for Healthcare Communications will host a May 2020 conference on healthcare policy, from the perspective of health marketing & comms pros. Learn more & get the registration link here.


From Price Transparency to Data Privacy: Our Top 10 Blogs of 2019

If you, too, had a busy year and perhaps missed some of what we talked about, here's a look back at Intouch's 10 most-read posts of 2019 -- read on to get caught up and ready for 2020!


Intouch EVP Takes on the Top Three Data-Privacy Myths

In this piece for the Forbes Tech Council, Intouch EVP David Windhausen addresses three common fears about data security and why those fears are unfounded.

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