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Breaking the Stigma Surrounding Gamification

Gamification was an exciting concept that seemed to lose traction, but while major pharma companies stepped back, developers and startups are now creating video games that bring awareness, representation, and even treatment to players.


Oculus Connect 6: The Exciting Promise of VR in Healthcare

Facebook’s late-September Oculus Connect 6 event covered a lot of ground on the future of augmented and virtual reality. This recap highlights Oculus’s biggest announcements from the AR and VR event, covers the practical applications for patients, and addresses some of the ramifications for pharma.


Intouchers Team Up to Win MIT Hackathon

MIT recently hosted what many consider to be the most prestigious virtual reality hackathon in the world, and two of Intouch’s own were there to take home a prize! Read all about the event here.


With CareKit, Apple Moves Health Closer to The Quantified Self Movement

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This week, Apple pushed further into the intersection of healthcare and technology with its latest health-related app framework, CareKit. Dubbed by some as Apple’s “most ambitious health product yet,” CareKit is a software framework focused on giving users the ability to construct, manage, track and share information about their health. It’s an extension of Apple’s ResearchKit, the […]