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7 Tips for Integrating SMS Texts Into Your Brand Strategy

SMS messaging is an integral part of multichannel marketing capabilities, and it’s easier to activate and integrate across organizations and programs than you might think!


Once in a Lifetime: Customer Experience at Momentous Moments

Our work is always about momentous moments. To most effectively -- and memorably -- meet those moments, pharma marketers can take a lesson from Disney.


Pharma Chatbots: Designing the Human Side of the Experience (Pt. One)

Robots are no longer the stuff of science fiction, and as more brands adopt conversational AI, some key considerations can enhance the chatbot user experience. In part one of this two-part series, we’ll talk about chatbots, human users, and live agents, and offer several tips for success.


Adobe AEM: Is Your Creative Agency Doing It Right?

Creative agencies face numerous challenges when their clients adopt a marketing platform like Adobe’s Experience Manager (AEM). Even after more than 10 years on the market under various names like CQ, CQ5, and AEM, there is still simply no guidance for agencies on how to design best-in-class creative that leverages existing templates and components in your […]


Omnichannel: It’s Time for Pharma to Get on Board

In recent years, no-call lists have grown, sales forces have halved, and HCPs have sought information through medical journals, digital content providers and peers of their choosing. They access information directly, using the channels and devices they prefer, whenever they want. Market research from Manhattan Research and Kantar Media consistently shows HCPs prefer information from […]


With CareKit, Apple Moves Health Closer to The Quantified Self Movement

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This week, Apple pushed further into the intersection of healthcare and technology with its latest health-related app framework, CareKit. Dubbed by some as Apple’s “most ambitious health product yet,” CareKit is a software framework focused on giving users the ability to construct, manage, track and share information about their health. It’s an extension of Apple’s ResearchKit, the […]