April 19, 2022

Look Who’s Talking! Catch Up on Expert Opinions 

Person gesturing at conference table

It’s been a busy start to 2022, hasn’t it? In case you missed anything (or in case you were won over by the 80s movie reference in our headline… who doesn’t love a wisecracking baby voiced by Bruce Willis?) we’ve rounded up what our experts have been explaining for you lately, so you can catch up here.  

Hank Greene, Associate Director, Content Strategy explained why the best marketing surprises, not just informs, and why listening makes all the difference (and how you might be doing it wrong).

Kevin Nalty, VP, Strategic Planning gave 5 tips to move your pharma marketing from clichéd to compelling, and explained why pharma marketing is like 3D chess.  

Andrew Grojean, Associate Director, Innovation spoke to Endpoints News on the importance of QR codes, and on the potential of the metaverse.  

For more on the metaverse… Intouch went to South By Southwest and came back with learnings for our clients: on the metaverse, on our purpose, on avoiding burnout, on connection; and then on “re-perception”, on duality, and on our craft.  

We also went to the Consumer Electronics Show, and reported back on the 5 top tech trends (the metaverse; NFTs and blockchain; smart healthy homes, connected experiences, and data interoperability; the hybrid/remote workforce; and booth theatre in a COVID world) and the 6 digital health takeaways (big tech in healthcare; telehealth and home monitoring; mental health innovation; digital-driven value-based outcomes; the potential of AI; and gaming and extended reality).  

Brent Scholz, SVP, Executive Creative Director, and Justin Chase, EVP, Media and Innovation, sat down with a 4A’s-convened panel of executives and TikTok, and discussed TikTok’s merits for life sciences. And for more on TikTok, we also wrote you a full report!  

We shared a point of view from our EVERSANA teammates comparing SpaceX’s philosophy to launching in pharma.  

Shane Meyer, SVP, Client Services Director, spoke with Medical Marketing & Media about the “new normal” for healthcare marketers

Business magazine Ingram’s featured Intouch CEO Faruk Capan in a profile on him and our recent acquisition by EVERSANA.    

Eighteen Intouch creatives weighed in on the hits and misses of the ads of Super Bowl LVI (how was that only two months ago?). By the way, Intouch is getting a lot of attention for our creative work lately — from our PM360 Pharma Choice Award wins, and two more Greatest Creator Awards, to being named a 2021 Top 5 Creative Agency by lauded creative magazine Lurzer’s Archive, to Intouch chief creative officer Susan Perlbachs being tapped to judge submissions for the 2022 Clio Health awards, and being on The One Show’s shortlist of finalists with 14 nominations, and three more nominations for The One Club’s Art Director’s Club Awards!  

Photo by Headway on Unsplash