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“Depressurizing” Instagram: What Do Disappearing “Likes” Mean for Your Brand?

The Instagram interface – a photo, below which appears a number of likes – is so well-known, it was its own Halloween costume. That’s changing, though, as parent company Facebook Inc. attempts to counter criticism that the social network engenders constant comparison. How will pharma marketers be affected?


Instagram Business Profiles: How Pharma Can Benefit

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYIn August, Instagram finished its rollout of new tools that allow marketers to create a business profile and enable easier engagement with users. This free offering allows businesses to feature a “Contact” button to connect with customers, boost high-performing posts through advertising, and gain valuable insights from analytics tools. Marketers using Instagram finally have […]


Instagram Stories: How Pharma Marketers Can Embrace the New Story Feature

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYOn August 2, Instagram introduced “Instagram Stories,” a new feature that lets users and brands share photos and videos in the form of a slideshow — a “story” — that stays on a user’s Instagram page for 24 hours and then disappears. With this new format, users are encouraged to share more content on […]


Open Graph Tags: The Hidden Code That Enables Compliant Social Sharing for Pharma

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY When many people think of metadata, their first thought is of organic metadata — the code that gets inserted into the header of a website, invisible to typical users, to enhance search results. However, metadata (data about data) is a term used to describe a variety of content. One type of metadata is […]


Social Platform Changes: A Barometer for What’s to Come

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY As we begin a new year, it’s common for marketers to reflect and ask, “What’s next for my brand?” and “What can I expect this year?” Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram made a number of important changes last year, most of which were intended to improve the user experience. […]


Instagram Opens Up Advertising to All Businesses

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Last week, Instagram announced that advertising will be available for all businesses starting on September 30. Instagram has been offering advertising for the past year and a half, but it has only been available to larger advertising partners as a beta to test the new ad features before it becomes publicly available. Instagram claims that […]