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7 Tips for Integrating SMS Texts Into Your Brand Strategy

SMS messaging is an integral part of multichannel marketing capabilities, and it’s easier to activate and integrate across organizations and programs than you might think!


Intouch Wins Big at KC Addys With 5 Creative Awards

Intouch has earned many awards over the years, but this time our creative chops get recognition outside the world of pharma. Read on to learn more!


From Price Transparency to Data Privacy: Our Top 10 Blogs of 2019

If you, too, had a busy year and perhaps missed some of what we talked about, here's a look back at Intouch's 10 most-read posts of 2019 -- read on to get caught up and ready for 2020!


What Matters Most: The Trends That Will Shape Pharma Marketing in 2020

In this POV, we explain what’s most important for you to know, recommend ways that you can stay ahead of the curve, and provide links to additional reading.


Intouch Brings Home Gold for Eylea’s “A Beautiful Pair”

Recently, we had the pleasure of seeing our work named among the top 10 creative campaigns, and by an industry peer! Intouch and Regeneron’s A Beautiful Pair is a comprehensive direct-to-consumer (DTC) campaign that features a stop-motion-animated television commercial, plus print, paid media and more. The campaign is designed to inspire and empower patients who have diabetic […]


Intouch & Regeneron’s “A Beautiful Pair” Named One of Top 10 DTC Campaigns

Last week, Ogilvy Health’s chief creative officer Samantha Dolin shared her top 10 list for most creative DTC campaigns, and Intouch and Regeneron's "A Beautiful Pair" was among them. 


More Than Just a Campaign, Intouch & Regeneron Create a Love Story

Intouch is excited to introduce A Beautiful Pair, a comprehensive consumer campaign that features a stop-motion-animated television commercial, plus print, paid media and more.


Omnichannel: It’s Time for Pharma to Get on Board

In recent years, no-call lists have grown, sales forces have halved, and HCPs have sought information through medical journals, digital content providers and peers of their choosing. They access information directly, using the channels and devices they prefer, whenever they want. Market research from Manhattan Research and Kantar Media consistently shows HCPs prefer information from […]