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FDA Takes a Hands-Off Approach With Health Apps and Wearables

In a follow-up to its January 2015 draft guidance, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Devices and Radiological Health recently released final guidance for low-risk general wellness products, including apps and wearables. Intouch Solutions reviewed the new final guidance and has determined that, though some language has changed (see section on terminology, […]


With CareKit, Apple Moves Health Closer to The Quantified Self Movement

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This week, Apple pushed further into the intersection of healthcare and technology with its latest health-related app framework, CareKit. Dubbed by some as Apple’s “most ambitious health product yet,” CareKit is a software framework focused on giving users the ability to construct, manage, track and share information about their health. It’s an extension of Apple’s ResearchKit, the […]


Health Apps and Wearables: The Future of Pharma

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The market for health apps and wearables is expanding rapidly, and research indicates there’s great value in their use.  The future of healthcare, and therefore the future of pharma, is in preventing health issues before they begin. Pharma is particularly well-placed to play a key role in this future. OVERVIEW Interest in digital […]