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Super Bowl Ads: Intouch Creatives Declare Jeep & Google Spot-On, Audi Tone Deaf

Super Bowl LIV was this past Sunday, and while some (okay, most) viewers are there for the game – Go, Chiefs!! -- others tune in for the commercials, which are famously over the top and outrageously expensive to produce. We asked the creative minds at Intouch to weigh in on what worked and what wiped out.


If Your Brand Doesn’t Have a YouTube Channel, Why Not?

Video has been touted as “the future of marketing.” Well, the future is here, and YouTube is where it’s at! YouTube is the second largest search engine, ranking only behind Google Search itself. If your brand doesn't yet have a YouTube channel, find out why it should, here.


8 Ways to Optimize YouTube Videos for Organic Search

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Given the multiplatform world we now live in, viewers are not tuning in to TV as much, but their love of video has not decreased. They’ve simply started turning to their mobile devices. A report from Google earlier this year noted that six out of 10 people prefer watching online video platforms to […]


How Pharma Can Leverage Social Video Platforms to Build Their Brands

According to CISCO, video will account for 69% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2017. Many marketers have embraced this growing trend and incorporated social media platforms with video functionality into big-picture marketing strategies. While these audiences typically skew younger and there are limitations due to FDA regulations, there is also potential for pharma marketers […]


New YouTube “Cards” Extend Videos’ Reach and Value

NEW YOUTUBE “CARDS” EXTEND VIDEOS’ REACH AND VALUEEXECUTIVE SUMMARY In 2014, YouTube promised content creators several new features that would allow more control over how their videos are consumed. One of those features, interactive information cards, was recently released to the public. These cards drive viewers to a website, suggest related videos and display other contextual information […]