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Who Won the Super Bowl and More Importantly Why?

In this blog, John Kenny, EVP, Managing Director, Strategic Planning, analyzes which brands stood out in the Super Bowl LVIII commercials and why.


First and Third-Party Cookies – Privacy Implications on Paid Media

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, leveraging first-party and third-party cookies is akin to navigating uncharted territories. And while these data sources have long been the bedrock of digital strategies, the landscape has drastically shifted with the surge in privacy legislation. In this POV, we outline how valuable data from first-party and third-party cookies […]


Super Bowl Ad Hits and Misses: EVERSANA INTOUCH Creatives Debrief

Hear from our Chief Creative Officer, Group Creative Director, and Executive Creative Director about the hits, misses, and surprises they saw in the commercials of Super Bowl LVII.


Intouch Creatives on Super Bowl LVI Ads: Toyota Nailed It; T-Mobile Dropped the Ball

When you get a bunch of creatives (and one strategic planner) “in a room together,” will there be quick consensus? Turns out yes. Find out what won hearts and turned off minds from the 2022 Super Bowl ads.


What Matters Most: The Trends That Will Shape Pharma Marketing in 2021

Each year, Intouch creates a “what to watch for” POV to help pharma marketers prepare for the coming year. Here, we explore 5 interrelated aspects of the pandemic’s effects, predict how they will continue to play out in 2021, and recommend how to grow and benefit from them.


Facebook’s Clear History Tool: Should Pharma Marketers Be Concerned?

Facebook will soon roll out a new tool called Clear History that would give users the option to disassociate their online activity from their Facebook profiles, essentially erasing their personal digital footprints. Marketers can’t afford to mute this conversation.


Attribution: The Key to Understanding and Motivating Audiences

What is attribution? According to Forbes Research, “most CMOs still struggle to quantify and communicate the value marketing creates to their leadership, peers and partners.” Attribution is an attempt to rectify that. From online searches to in-office appointments, Facebook likes to conversations over Sunday dinner, your patients may have learned about your brand, and been […]


Microsoft & Verizon Partner for Bigger Piece of Search Pie

Microsoft and Verizon Media have struck a deal to strengthen their search partnership. Read on to learn about how pharma marketers might be affected.


Programmatic Media: A Win-Win Proposition for Pharma

Executive SummaryProgrammatic media buying is on the rise across all industries — even in pharmaceutical marketing, which has been slower to adopt this type of buying. In this POV, we discuss what programmatic is, one way it’s now easier to understand, the benefits it can bring to campaigns, and why pharma marketers should be including […]