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Pharma Worries as Twitter Upheaval Continues

Justin Chase, SVP, Media, EVERSANA INTOUCH, was interviewed by Endpoints News reporter Beth Snyder Bulick for an article on pharmaceutical advertising on Twitter in the platform's current state of disarray.


Does Russia’s Sputnik Vaccine Twitter Account Offer Promise or Propaganda?

Intouch Group's Wendy Blackburn and Justin Chase spoke with Fierce Pharma about the country's social media approach to vaccine promotion.


Get Realtime Twitter Updates on the Impact of COVID-19 for Pharma Marketers

As the situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, Intouch is proactively monitoring its impact on our clients’ businesses. With that in mind, Intouch Media’s social team has been working hard to create a Twitter presence completely dedicated to COVID-19, @IntouchCovid19.


​Twitter’s New Character Limit Means More Freedom for Pharma Marketers

After years of tests and speculation about new character limits on Twitter, the platform has formally announced that the famous (or infamous) 140-character limit is no more. Now, tweets can include up to 280 characters, doubling the amount of content that can fit in each tweet. This POV will highlight some of the benefits and considerations for pharma marketers and include recommendations for leveraging Twitter with more opportunities for messaging moving forward.


Why Pharma Should Jump on Board with Twitter Customer Service

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY We’ve been saying for years that social media is an optimal channel for providing customer service to patients and HCPs alike. These days, consumers largely expect a social presence, no matter the industry. Pharma companies often talk about the concepts of “beyond the pill,” “customer-centric,” and, more recently, “customer experience.” Twitter just made […]


Open Graph Tags: The Hidden Code That Enables Compliant Social Sharing for Pharma

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY When many people think of metadata, their first thought is of organic metadata — the code that gets inserted into the header of a website, invisible to typical users, to enhance search results. However, metadata (data about data) is a term used to describe a variety of content. One type of metadata is […]


Beyond 140: How Twitter’s 10K-Character Limit Could Change the Game for Pharma

ADDENDUM On Friday, March 18, 2016, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stated that character limits for tweets will remain at 140, but Twitter will continue to refine the platform over time. We’ll be keeping our eye on future developments and how those might affect pharma marketers. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY For the past several years, Twitter has been […]


Social Platform Changes: A Barometer for What’s to Come

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY As we begin a new year, it’s common for marketers to reflect and ask, “What’s next for my brand?” and “What can I expect this year?” Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram made a number of important changes last year, most of which were intended to improve the user experience. […]


Twitter Taps Big Data to Provide Better Ad Targeting

TWITTER TAPS BIG DATA TO PROVIDE BETTER AD TARGETING EXECUTIVE SUMMARY On March 5, 2015, Twitter announced a new ad targeting feature called “partner audiences.” Twitter has partnered with third-party big data providers Datalogix and Acxiom to enhance targeting and give advertisers new options for reaching a more qualified audience based on purchase behavior data. […]