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Promotional Medical Education: It’s Not What It Used to Be

Promotional medical education includes traditional tactics that have worked for decades, but smart brands know that today, it also comprises more advanced educational elements as well as novel ways to deliver information. We explain and give examples in this latest blog.


Re-Imagining Promotional Medical Education: A New POV

Too many marketers have an outdated idea of what promotional medical education is. In this new POV, we explain what it can be - and what it can do - today!


Modern MedComms: Translating Science into Engagement (for Today’s HCP)

Digital tech and the medical landscape have both changed enormously in recent years. As a result, so too has pharma marketing. But unfortunately, too many medical communications efforts still rely on the 20th century, and as a result, fail to make an impact on brands. Medical communications (MedComms), or promotional peer-to-peer education, is an essential […]